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Is your Body Beach Ready?

Posted: 2012-07-20 15:00:00 I believe half the fun of going on holidays is the excitement in the lead up and having an excuse to get all sorts of treatments. Probably the most beneficial time of the year to get a body scrub is now, 1-2 weeks prior to hitting the sun.

Having a good scrub in a spa or salon allows a much deeper and healthier glowing tan. An intense body exfoliation treatment aids desquamation, lifting the dead skin cells of the surface allowing new and more tan cells to form on the skin. Also a moisturizing treatment can be advisable after this for example a milk nourishing lotion or a hot oil. Yummy :)

Next and most importantly in pre-holiday treatments is without a doubt, the dreaded BIKINI WAX. The waxing should always be done after the scrub and only a few days prior to the sun.
Now I am here to tell you IT AINT THAT BAD!!! It’s my professional opinion that people have had many bad experiences with waxing for example, inexperienced therapists.  Honestly a regular bikini wax should not be painful.  Make sure from the time you book you are very clear in which wax treatment you want to have done. A regular bikini, a California (which is a thin line under your pants), a Brazilian (a landing strip) or a Hollywood (which is all off).

Next on the list, TINTING, my pet hate is panda eyes on the pool deck. I just can’t understand why people don’t take off eye make up properly or else just have your eyelashes tinted. Blue or Black is always the best on the eyes.

Last but not least, the NAILS, my must have this summer, is SHELLAC. It’s absolutely amazing! It’s a 2 week polish that dries instantly under a UV lamp and doesn’t chip or smudge. Personally I think it should be the product of the decade. Summer shades this year are corals and hot pinks and of course the old reliable French manicure.

Now ladies, with all this done all that’s left to do is go have fun in the sun. Enjoy your hols if home or abroad :)

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