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Breakout Blitzer

Posted: 2012-04-06 12:00:00 From our teenage years to adulthood, we have all experienced the unpleasant spot or breakout, annoyingly coming up to a special occasion or an all important job interview!  We’ve all been there covering it with toothpaste before bedtime and masking it with concealer so thick it defeats the purpose.   So what causes these break outs and what do we do to heal them?

Breakouts on the face develop when oil that lubricates the skin clogs the oil ducts in our skin.  Dirt, dead skin cells can also be trapped by the oil within the duct.  When this happens bacteria starts to grow which would cause the breakout.  Some break outs may also be hormonal, many teenagers experience break outs and women who are pregnant or after giving birth will find there skin will change during hormonal changes.  Many women may break out on the onset of their period and when going through the change due to fluctuating hormones.

But fear not help is at hand, a few habit breakers and some mask and we’ll have that breakout gone before the weekend!
Of course having a good skin care routine is a must to ensure the face is clean and hygienic, for oily skin types, products to balance the skin are recommended to ensure excess oil is removed. 

If you find yourself constantly touching your face I work or when you get stressed, break the habit now.  Remember the hands are full of microscopic bacteria that can transfer to your face and aggravate the condition.

Use make up and skin care products that do not clog the skin otherwise known as non comedogenic. Clean your make up brushes with hot soapy water regularly.
Remove your make up before going to bed.

Use a deep cleansing mask twice weekly to help push up underlying congestion and heal the area.

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