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Holiday Hair!

Posted: 2013-06-21 16:00:00
I love chilling out on the beach or by  the pool, soaking up the relaxing atmosphere, feeling the warm sun on my face (high SPF of course), listening to the sound of the waves as they crash on to the sand, and people-watching behind my sunglasses. That is until I visit the rest room and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and shriek!!! Who’s your one with the afro??!! The smooth shiny locks that I arrived with are now standing at right angles to my head full of frizz and salt. So here are a few tricks to help others like me to protect our hair on the beach.
  1. After your morning shower, put conditioner in to your hair and leave it in. This will act as a protective barrier to your hair against the harsh rays of the sun, chlorine & salt. Boots do a great Swim & Gym range.
  2. Never attempt to comb your hair before conditioning it. If your hair is dried out from the sun/sea/pool, you’re going to break it off and it will look frizzy.
  3. When you come in from your hard day in the sun, shampoo and condition as normal. Spritz some leave in conditioner to towel dried hair once you get out of the shower, like Aussie Insurance, comb through with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry if you can bear it.
  4. Go product natural! One of the best ways to protect your hair at the beach is to rid yourself of gels, hairsprays, and other harsh styling agents. Try putting it in a bun with conditioner in it. A few hours later, take it down, et voila soft, wavy hair that is a little moist, but dry in no time.
  5. Choose the right comb. Don't use combs without a rubber tip on the end to protect your hair. I like a special wide-toothed comb made especially for tangled hair by Goody brand. The comb is shaped in a way that prevents it from breaking your hair and the tips are coated so they aren't harsh on your hair. When you're at the beach, this will make all the difference in protecting your hair.
  6. Eat Fats.....Yay! Eat healthy fats to protect your hair. Your diet will make or break your hair. Fats condition your hair from the inside out, try light and easy-to-digest raw fats like almonds, avocados, coconut oil in smoothies, salads dressed with some olive, flax or hemp oil. Your hair will be soft, manageable and shiny, which is crucial on hols when the humidity and salt, chlorine etc dries it out so quickly.
  7. Try Coconut Oil – it’s a great, all round beauty product. If you think the oil will make your hair oily, think again! It's all in how you use it. Here's my tip: rub about a dime size amount between your hands for a few seconds, and then rub the ends of your hair with your hands. Just sealing your tips can make all the difference, and it won't make your hair oily. Do this before you go out on the beach. This works wonders for your locks and smells great too!

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